Every product our company sells is backed by the latest scientific research in human chemosignals. Check out some of our data on chemosignals, ovulation cues, and sexual harassment:

Data taken from a 2,000-person national self-reporting survey. In 2019, 81% of women and 43% of men had reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment and/or assault. Numbers have gone up since the initial survey in 2014, where 63% of women and 25% of men had reported sexual harassment and/or assault. This may be partially related to the rise of the #MeToo movement. (Kearl, 2019)

Post-smell testosterone levels taken from the saliva of 37 men aged 18-23 who had smelled t-shirts worn by of ovulating women and non-ovulating women. Rates had been controlled for pre-smell testosterone levels. (Miller, 2009)

Samples taken from the saliva of 24 men. The men were not aware of what they were smelling, and they had not seen a woman crying during the study. The shift in salivary testosterone while smelling tears indicate a drop from baseline testosterone. Men also had more trouble rating sexual attractiveness of women after smelling the tears. (Gelstein, 2011)

Taken from a sample of 12 people who had their blood pressure and pulse taken before, during, and after smelling tears. Study did not control for standard change in blood pressure and pulse, and participants knew the person providing tears and the fact they were smelling tears. While this study does not function as a scientific study, it represents data from the performance of a one-on-one interaction that introduces the topic of chemosignals and brings awareness to whole-body sex education.

And some other writing and research that informed us...

"That Kiss, and Other Daily Indignities" by Jessica Valenti

One of the most difficult hurdles for #MeToo is that women don’t want to talk about just rape and harassment but also the mundane disrespect that chips away at our sense of safety and bodily autonomy. We want a serious conversation about what incessant objectification and diminishment does to us and changes how we interact with the world.

"Open Source Estrogen" by Mary Maggic

"Why 'Toxic Femininity' Isn't A Thing" by George Ganitis

"Are per-incident rape-pregnancy rates higher than per-incident consensual pregnancy rates?" Jonathan Gottchall


"Revisiting the Revisit: added evidence for a social chemosignal in human emotional tears" Noam Sobel

Always follow your nose: The functional significance of social chemosignals in human reproduction and survival

Effect of Stimulus on the Chemical Composition of Human Tears

Jameela Jamil: Tell Him

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