BioShield® is a revolutionary product synthesized from a woman's own tears that masks the biochemical signals of her ovulatory cycle for the purposes of privacy, protection, and control.

Your bodily experience of the world is unique to you.

Is there a disconnect between the amount of sexual attention you desire and the amount you receive?


What is too much attention to you might be just right for someone else.

At BioShield we believe it is:



BioShield® is a response to the #MeToo movement and a culture of unwanted sexual aggression. Collected stories of trauma show that we are together in our experiences, and the #MeToo movement provides a space for us to process and heal together. What would happen if we could use a physical manifestation of this collective mourning to prevent future threats? While we hope the need for a product like BioShield® diminishes in the coming years, we offer the product as a conversational placeholder while waiting on social and legislative change. We want to use the product to educate people on whole-body sex education, empower through DIY biology and women centered science, and create positive conversations from the dilemmas posed by the #MeToo movement.

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